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LedaigBottleThis website is my attempt to share my hobby and love of whisk(e)y with everyone as I work my way around Kansas City, MO searching for new and fun experiences.  I don’t claim to be an absolute expert when it comes to whisk(e)y but I will say that I seem to have a greater appreciation than the majority of the people out there.  Because of my enthusiasm, I wanted to find a way to share what I know.  I hope you will enjoy what you find here.  I will post my tasting experiences as well as explore the wider world of whisk(e)y including things such as history, distilling methods,  terminology and anything else I find interesting.

Thoughts and suggestions are always welcome but if you disagree with my thoughts on a particular pour…keep it classy.  Whisk(e)y appreciation is an art, not an exact science, and personal preferences play a big role.  Thanks for visiting.

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The Rating System

 Rating SystemOur rating system works a little different than you normally see. We believe that there are three major aspects to consider:

Drink Rating, Cost and Availability

Each of these aspects is ranked on a 100 point basis and the composite score you see is the average of these three scores. We believe this gives you a more realistic expectation for the whiskey you drink. Otherwise the highest scored whiskey might very well be one you can’t find and could never afford.

We will show you the absolute best drink you can actually find for a price you can actually afford.

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